Ordered Parts for an experiment / testing

Hello everyone,

I am going to be attempting to extend the Y length from 1000mm to 2000mm, I need 24" X 48". Just to let everyone know in advance I do not use a router on it any more, it is strictly for laser engraving (cornhole boards)

I will video record my building process and post it once I start and give updates on how it is working.

Build thought:
I purchased 2 new 1000mm maker slides and 32ft. of GT2 - 6mm belt
I will use the two screw holes and most likely drill them out and place a piece of aluminum rod to keep them lined up
I will use Aluimiweld to braze the joints, from reading online this will be a very strong joint.
Brackets will be used to stabilize the Makerslide to prevent flexing
For the bed I am thinking of just using a sheet of 3/4" or 1" plywood with underside bracing instead of using 20/20 extrusion and mounting directly to that.

Does anyone have any preliminary thoughts on why this could or could not work?


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a strong joint, maybe a perfectly straight joint, probably not. ends aren’t always cut perfectly square AND may have distortion out of square from the pressures of sawing…

Just something to keep in mind is the straightness of where the wheels will ride will greatly effect having a parallel plane

Thank you
I have thought of that, what I plan to do is use the straight edge of a level for straightness then use a fine file to match up the roller points and after brazing it. I am hoping that will be a way to get this going.

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