Ordering a fully loaded x carve 1000

Hello everyone,
Im Alan from Dublin,Ireland. Im just about to order the 1000mm fully loaded kit and was hoping you could point me in the right direction on a couple of things. I know its been covered many times here but I just want to be double sure before spending €2000+
I`m ordering it from Robosavvy and they say the fully loaded kit comes with;

1 x X-Carve 1000 Main Components +€635.48 (+€762.58 Inc. VAT)
1 x X-Carve 1000 Rail Kit +€200.43 (+€240.52 Inc. VAT)
1 x X-Controller Kit +€331.42 (+€397.71 Inc. VAT)

Then the other things are extra, like;

1 x 1000mm Waste board for X-Carve +€70.90 (+€85.08 Inc. VAT)
Spindle & Mount
1 x DeWalt D26200 - 900W 1/4" Compact Router (UK Plug) +€164.71 (+€197.65 Inc. VAT)
1 x DeWalt D26200 Spindle Mount + 1/4 to 1/8 Collet Adapter +€35.81 (+€42.98 Inc. VAT)
1 x Universal Spindle Mounting Kit +€17.81 (+€21.38 Inc. VAT)
1 x Spindle Mounting Plate +€6.46 (+€7.74 Inc. VAT)
Carving Bits
1 x End Mill Starter Set (1/8" shank) +€43.00 (+€51.59 Inc. VAT)
1 x Bit Set for Wood and Plastic (1/8" shank) +€27.63 (+€33.16 Inc. VAT)
1 x Bit Set for Fine Detail Engraving (1/8" shank) +€45.08 (+€54.10 Inc. VAT)
1 x High Speed Steel 2 Flute Upcut Spiral +€9.46 (+€11.34 Inc. VAT)
1 x Bit Set for Soft Metals (1/8" shank) +€32.72 (+€39.27 Inc. VAT)
1 x Carving Bit Super Pack +€71.36 (+€85.63 Inc. VAT)
X-Carve Dust Control System
1 x X-Carve Dust Control System (1000mm) +€190.43 (+€228.52 Inc. VAT)
1 x 1/8 inch DeWalt 26200 Precision Grade Collet +€25.63 (+€30.76 Inc. VAT)
1 x DeWalt 26200 Precision Collet Nut +€21.36 (+€25.63 Inc. VAT)
1 x Wrench for DeWalt Precision Collet Nut +€14.45 (+€17.34 Inc. VAT)

My questions are;

1.I plan on getting the DeWalt D26200 and D26200 Spindle Mount + 1/4 to 1/8 Collet Adapter .
Is it worth my while getting the "precision grade collet and nut?
2 .Do I need to get the spindle mounting plate?
3. Are the bit sets worth getting or can they be got elsewhere cheaper?
4.Does the 2017 model still need stiffening?
5. Is there anything I`m forgetting about?

Im going to make my own waste board as I can get tonnes of MDF cheap and the kit comes with all the hardware. Im also going to sort my own dust extraction and shoe.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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I haven’t read the whole post as I’m in a hurry, but before you pull the trigger Amazon have the Dewalt at £159. Not sure exactly how that will convert to euros but it will be a bit less than robosavvy

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Hey there . Thanks or the quick reply. I was looking at that one and I would get away with the VAT .
I can`t see the precision collet and nut on Amazon tho.

Based on online observation only, is recommend the makita router over the dewalt. Main reason is the slower low speed (10k vs 16k) but the brushes also supposedly last longer. Pair the makita with an elaire collet and you’ve got a nice little set up.

Regarding stiffening, you will still want to consider an upgrade to the z axis with a linear rail. @KyleKronyak has a nice unit that many from the forum have purchased. I’m hopeful to get one one day.

The y axis rails will definitely need some stiffening but they are quite easy to stiffen. I attached aluminum angle brackets straight to the wasteboard. There are a handful of threads addressing y axis stiffenening.

Best of luck in your journey. It can be sometimes frustrating but quite rewarding as long as you stick with it.


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Get the precision collet you should never use the adapters. I would get a touch plate to set z zero. This one http://triquetra-cnc.com/ or the one from inventables. I don’t think you need the mounting plate with the dewalt spindle mount. I would get some cheap 1/8 and 1/4 downcut spiral bits to start off with. Spend a bunch of time reading the forums there is a ton of knowledge here. lastly use blue locktight and the search button.

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Thanks for that. I’ll definitely look into them. I have a while to checkthings out as the kit is on back order till the end of Sept.
Is a slower speed better? My main objective is cutting 3 and 6mm mdf for radiator covers and maybe a few signs along the way. I’m brand new to cnc and trying to teach myself some new skills lol

Hi everyone,
I`m just about to hit the “buy” button. just want to double check I have everything I need.
Here is my shopping basket;
nventables X-CARVE® 1000mm
Included in the bundle
1 x X-Carve 1000 Main Components €658.20
1 x X-Carve 1000 Rail Kit €207.60
1 x X-Controller Kit €343.27
1 x DeWalt D26200 Spindle Mount + 1/4 to 1/8 Collet Adapter €37.09
1 x Spindle Mounting Plate €6.68
1 x High Speed Steel 2 Flute Upcut Spiral €9.80
1 x 1/8 inch DeWalt 26200 Precision Grade Collet €26.55
1 x DeWalt 26200 Precision Collet Nut €22.12
1 x Wrench for DeWalt Precision Collet Nut €14.97
1 x 1m Black UK 5 Amp to IEC C13 connector €5.08

I`m going to make the waste board and buy the DeWalt D26200 elsewhere.

Does it look like Im missing anything? Thanks guys and gals.

Thanks @RobertCanning. I just double checked there and it says they all come with the base kit.

“What’s included in the base package:
X-Carve 1000 Main Components
X-Carve Core Components
1000mm Wasteboard Hardware Only
Threaded inserts, M5 Screws and T-slot nuts only (Waste board not included, you need to select it at the top of the page)
1000mm Side Board Kit
Side Board, extrusions and hardware
NEMA 23 1000mm Motor Kit
Four 140oz-in stepper motors with connectorized cable assemblies
1000mm Drag Chain Kit
Drag chain, mounting brackets and hardware
1000mm Homing Switch Kit
Switches, assembled cables and hardware
Z-Probe Kit
Includes 7 piece metric hex key set, 2mm slot head screwdriver, 7mm, 8mm, and 10mm open-end wrenches, safety glasses, all in a waterproof black pouch
Clamp Set
60 piece set for securing material up to 1.75” thick to the waste board while carving
1000mm Rail Kit
Black MakerSlide, support extrusions, GT2 belts, brackets and hardware
X-Controller Kit
High-power motion controller kit for X-Carve".

Maybe because I’m buying it from Robosavvy and not Inventables.

Ordered my XC 1000 on Monday so the waiting game begins :smile:

Things to sort out before it arrives

  1. Build a torsion box workbench
  2. Make a wasteboard
  3. Order a DeWalt d26200
  4. Order some 1/4 and 1/8 downcut spirals and 60/90 degree v cut bits
    5.Sort out some dust collection

That`s all I can think of for now but looks like I have my hands full for the next week or so. Should be worth it in the end tho :smile: