Ordering a Spindle

I’m new to CNC and I’m planning on ordering the X-Carve but I’m a bit confused about the Spindle options. The ‘customize’ page where you can choose your configuration shows 5 options for the spindle. I understand the default spindle is the black 24v spindle that is shown next to the spindle options, and on just about every other representation of the x-carve. However, the options for the spindle are none, the Dewalt 611, and the 3 different mounts. My question is, which do I choose for the default spindle? Is the ‘none’ option the default spindle, or is the default spindle discontinued and you can only get the 611 on the website? Maybe I’m missing something, but any help would be great. Thanks!

The 24V spindle was discontinued. It’s slow, low-powered, and not nearly as good as the routers. I’m not sure what you can get from just the website, but I’d suggest going with the 611 unless you want to order a different mount for a router you either already have or want to order separately. The 611 is very popular with a lot of us in the forum, which means it’ll be easy to get answers to your questions specific to the router itself.

Thank you for the response… very helpful! I have a Dremel and an older Black & Decker router that I could use. However if those don’t work out I will probably get the 611.

If you order no spindle/router, you will not get any mounting bracket for your own router. The wheels and screws for a bracket are included.