Ordering Upgrade Kit - Should I wait to assemble?

I am going to order the upgrade kit for the 1000 x 1000 XC that arrived a week ago and I have not had time to assemble. Should I bother starting to assemble it or should I wait until the upgrade kit arrives? I don’t have any idea how much work would be involved in partially disassembling it to include the new parts. Anyone have any advice to offer? I would appreciate it very much!

I think the process would be much easier if you wait for the upgrade kit. Depends on shipping time for the upgrade and how fast you want to get started. Since you have already waited a week, it seems that you are not in a hurry.

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Thank you, Larry. I appreciate the advice.

Thanks a lot, Phil. I thought that was probably the right thing to do. Is there any part of the assembly I could do without interfering with the new upgraded parts? Any number of steps I could take to get a small part of it ready?
Thanks for your time,

I would put the threaded inserts in the waste board if you bought one, screwing those things in takes a while, especially if you do it by hand.

Other than the wasteboard suggestion (good idea), you would be better served to just wait. The instructions are general in nature and since not everyone buys all of the parts from Inventables, as you go along there are places where the instructions divide depending on what you ordered. If you do some of the steps ahead of time there are small items you may miss when you go back to complete a step. One that trips a lot of people up is the stops for the X and Y homing/limit switches.

U can definitely start on gantry and x plates as the process wont hold u back much read through the instructions to get familiar with them and they u can make a semi educated decision on what to start and what to skip.
Double check me but i think u can put the entire ganty together minus the x rail and wire going through.
Good luck. Have fun…

I had assumed that their would be printed instructions with the 1000mm kit but have now opened all 3 boxes and there are none there. I finally found x-carve-instructions.inventables.com so I guess that is the holy grail for building it. Is there a printed version available or do I need to print it out myself? Should I just have my laptop beside me as I build it and use the instructions I found online? I’m quite surprised there were no instructions included! Or were they just missed?

Thank you, Robert!!

They don’t come with printed instructions. We all went the way of the Laptop. Between the videos and written instructions it’s fairly complete. Although…some of them are size specific so you have to figure a few small details out on your own. Best advice I can give is to relax and take your time. Enjoy the process. Get it right the first time and you’ll save yourself some headaches. By the time you finish you’ll know it inside and out literally. Makes it much easier when you go to tweak or modify things to suit your needs.

Best of luck and enjoy

Thank you, Curtis!

Your very welcome. I speak from experience lol. I spent most of my adult life working in the oil industry. You know… If it doesn’t work the first time get a bigger hammer! I had to walk away several times. I had to do several upgrades (which are now included) to get it how I wanted it. The only issues I have now are with the old controller. X-controller is finally on its way. Remember this IS a hobby class machine. But if you plan your work accordingly their isn’t much you can’t do.

Yes, I’m going go wait for the parts to arrive. Too bad they won’t ship until the end of September but I’m not going to be home from a trip SWMBO wants to take until the end of the month anyway. I put the inserts in the Waste Board today. It went very quickly; I cut the short end off of a hex key and put the long piece in a drill. I think I was finished in about 5 minutes!
I really can’t wait to start putting this sucker together!

This forum is a great place to learn from as well. From assembly to projects. @PhilJohnson & @LarryM are great places to start. I have enjoyed watching Phil’s work. Some of the stuff he is putting out is off the charts. Unlimited resources within these posts.

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Yeah, Phil’s a demon. Wish I had that much energy.


I have put the inserts in the waste board as suggested. I assume it would not cause a problem if I also installed the extrusions to the bottom of the waste board. Am I correct in this assumption or could it cause a problem at some point?

Thank you, Phil.

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I put the waste board and rails together and felt good about getting that finished. Is there any reason not to put together the X Carriage? Will it fit on the new Makerslide when it arrives? Or does it even go on the Makerslide? I find that I have to do everything one step at a time. Reading all of the instructions ahead of time without doing the assembly just left me with a whole bunch of information I can’t remember anyway. I seem to remember things as I DO them much better than reading about them!!

GordRock, I don’t know how the instructions are going to be modified, but you are probably best off going exactly as the NEW REVISED instructions tell you to do. I don’t know when those instructions will be out, but if they live up to my initial experience, then they will be the absolutely best instructions I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve never been provided such detailed written and video instructions to put anything together. I’m awaiting my upgrades also, and dread taking stuff apart, and especially unwiring stuff so that I can wire in the new controller. Good luck with the waiting part. It looks like it’s getting you a little antsy with anticipation.