Ordering without waste board

I apologize in advance if this is posted somewhere else, but does the X-carve kit ordered through the configuration option on the main page come with the additional supports for the waste board if you opt out of ordering the waste board itself?

Yep, for the 1000mm version, anyway!

Great! Thank you!

It doesn’t come with waste board hardware and screws if you don’t buy Waste board. you have to order separately. That’s what I did.

Thanks for lookin’ out, Alan. I knew that, I, just, wasn’t sure about the extra extrusions/support. Thanks for such prompt responses. I’m getting ready to order a fully loaded 1000mm x 1000mm machine!

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That’s what I ordered myself. Great stuff, you’re going to love it! I just added a piece of MDF as a wasteboard, and I ended up using screws tapped into the corner brackets to hold it down. Easy as pie, and works fine.

I’m actually considering eliminating the wasteboard and support brackets entirely, and mounting the X-carve directly onto a custom table. Should make it a lot easier to level!

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That’s bright idea. Like it.

Thanks! I figure if I build a table with effectively a “rim” around it that I can bolt the X-carve directly to, I can level it relative to the table top, then drop in a piece of MDF to be my sacrificial waste board. That should give me another half-inch or so of usable Z distance, and also make swapping a chewed-up waste board pretty trivial. Bonus for being able to build the table good and solid, with plenty of ability to adjust my corners to get the whole thing really square.

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Now I’m looking for custom cut Granite at least 33"X33". There is sticky pad for it size starts 1/8" and up. Imagine you have base under X-Carve and never changes the shape.

Dang, now that would be all kinds of awesome!

this is exactly what I was planning/hoping to do when I posted a question in the assembly category yesterday (essentially using a vacuum table as the base and bolting directly to it). I guess my question has been answered!

It seems totally valid, as long as you have a method to make sure your axies are dead-parallel to your surface, you should be able to use darn near anything flat as your base.

I can get granite cheap and would like to eventually make a piece for my base. How do you plan on securing material to the granite? Something sacrificial over the granite for sure. Just looking for ideas.

Miss understanding, I ment Granite base not waste board. Real problem is table top. Always changing shape, if X-Carve sits on solid surface, you never loose machine leveling. Rest is the same.

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If I could get a piece, I think I’d go about it by using epoxy to attach brackets to the granite, that I’d then use as a base to mount the X-carve on. Then set a wasteboard inside the footprint of the x-carve, held in place by a couple more epoxied-down brackets with screws in them to attach the board. Then once you finished the top of the wasteboard, it’d be absolutely perfect indefinitely.

I agree with using granite as a base. I’m just wondering how to put something sacrificial on top of it and securing it then securing the material I am cutting to that.

Hmmmmm…I think I’m conceptualizing what you are saying…think, think, think…

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It’s not so difficult to make screw hole on granite, there is a bit for it about $8 on home depot. 4 L brackets holds down permanently.

More or less the same idea, overall. I was just thinking epoxy, because I don’t need to pull out that noisy SoB rotohammer to use it. :smiley:

If the noise wasn’t a concern, though, would be fairly easy to just drill straight through and use bolts. It’d certainly make an awesomely dimensionally-stable base!

Brain storming… There is two side bolt, rubber anti-vibration pads. Something similar to this…