Organizing Easel files

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would share my current work-around for how I am currently organizing my files in Easel. Perhaps it might help others as well that are looking for something to help organize. (I am using Windows)

I right-click on the files in Easel. and then click on Copy Link Address.

I then open up Word (or notepad or whatever). I paste the web address. (I give it a descriptor after the url. You could supply a pic as well if you wish)

I then save the document and give it a meaningful title (Christmas decorations; Halloween; Phil’s crazy inventions)

And then I save this file wherever I want. Just don’t delete the file in Easel.

When you want to re-use a file, you can just call it up in the word document and click on the link…

Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy.



In a less then a months time I have over 50 files and the current filing system (or lack of) leaves a lot to be desired, I know what I will be doing this evening!


Good idea! I had taken to adding some sort of tag to the front of all of my designs “(SHN-P1) Short Name Part 1” which still doesn’t solve the search-ability problem.

Thanks for the tip!

Clever workaround :slight_smile:

If you use cloud-based Google Docs instead of a local Word app, then your list will also be online and available on any device, anywhere…:sunglasses:

If you used the spreadsheet, you could load data like how long it takes to cut, etc.

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Awesome… Now that you are super organized, just think how quickly you’ll be able to share all your easel files with me!

bwhahahaha … all part of my master plan :slight_smile:

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For now… :slight_smile:

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Clever solution, but I’m curious, why not bookmark the projects in your browser instead of copying the links into a file somewhere?

Ummmmm. Because I didn’t think of it… lol

I need help with a brain freeze. This idea is great for organizing Easel files but I can’t seem to make it work.

I copy the link into an XL spreadsheet, but when I click it I’m taken to the Easel opening page showing the list of projects. It doesn’t open the specific file. I’ve tried different browsers and get the same results in Firefox, Edge, and IE. I’m using WIN10, 64 bit.


Hi Harry,

I couldn’t replicate the issue you were having… I did notice however that when i copied the links into Excel, i had to hit “enter” on the end of the text string to get it to “turn” into a hyperlink. (Excel thinks its just text…)

Are you able to get it to work in any other application? (Word for example?)

Hello Ron,

Thanks for the fast reply.

I’ve tried Word and Notepad with the same results. Also it doesn’t matter if I already have Easel opened or not. Either way I goes directly to the projects list.

The links show as hyperlinks when I enter them into Excel. (turns blue and is underlined).

I’m using an older version of MS Office, 2007.

I just tried it in Wordpad and it works!! Strange that it would work there but not in Excel.

Hey folks, quick update—we’ve added a search box in Easel above the project list:

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My computer doesn’t give the link address when I click on the project.

Hi @DouglasTodd

Not 100% sure what you are referring to… however, when i click on a project, the “link address” for the project is in the address bar… you can copy and share that link.

Alternatively… you can get there by clicking “FILE” and “SHARE” within easel to share a link…

Hope this helps…


@DouglasTodd what browser are you using?

Google Chrome

I am going to bookmark the projects then when I want to view one, I just open it. I must be a little daft today.

No worries… if you are not seeing the address bar in Chrome… it might be because you are in full screen mode (F11)… (I just tried pressing F11 and yep… can’t see the link in Easel. Fortunately, pressing F11 again brings it back…)!topic/chrome/jCIa_igR698

Can you post a screenshot? Chrome has them in the address bar but you might have it hidden.