Original X-Carve 1000m - Issues EVERYTIME I try to use it

This sounds exactly like my story. I put it away for a while so I cold get some other things around my house done. I recently decided to start all over. Built a nice table to support it and then go back through it and recheck that things were level and correct. Got a vacuum system (suck it) and a three corner touch off. If I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. I learned some very simple g-code just to move the machine and calibrate it. I blew my cool more then a dozen times and was ready to sell it on several occasions but I just hung in there with help from others on the forums telling me to just cool down and think things through. I disconnected my Machine homing and just use the work coordination zeroing. one less thing to worry about right now, Hang in there and people will get you through and just ignore the smart asses that can make things worse. It will get better. I have made progress lately and starting to feel better now.

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Simple carves were trivial. How much money have you made off simple carves? Those I can do with the laser already. Is this thing capable of more or not.

More recently I got rid of hard limits. (Mostly due to interference my machine suffers due to well me using non shielded cable for my limit switches) Really the only time I use the limit switches was for homing and that feature works without hard limits now. If/when you decide to turn that feature back on let me know and I might be able to assist. Homing and using a touch plate have helped me a ton with my multi bit projects. Basically I don’t think I have made many things with only one bit since I started using my homing command and zero plate.

The question is not "is this thing capable ? "

the question is " are you capable of making it do what you want" ?