Oromask vs contact paper

I see mention of Oromask for painting but I see multiple mention of using contact paper. Since contact paper is less expensive than Oromask is there any reason not to use it?

Contact paper does not work.


Contact paper has worked for me but it is more limited than Oromask. For me contact paper does NOT work for V-carving no matter what I tried. Edges tend to tear rather than cut and can pull loose smaller pieces.

On the other hand, I have had success using it with downcut bits on smooth painted surfaces. I used a credit card or bondo spreader to assure good adhesion. Haven’t tried it on bare wood yet so can’t say how it will work. But I would think if the bare wood was smooth and had ALL dust removed it might work OK there too if using a downcut.

Oramask is worth every penny. I got a 24"x 10yd roll on Amazon for $35 + free shipping.