OS X El Capitan not working with Easel

Just wondering if anybody else has upgraded to OSX El Capitan (Beta) and not being able to connect to Easel? Everything was working fine until I upgraded to the beta. You might want to hold off if you’re thinking about beta testing El Capitan.

Hi David, sorry for the trouble, Easel Local doesn’t seem to be seeing the machine from El Capitan for me either. We’ll look into this as we definitely want to support El Capitan in time for its official release.


No worries. I’ve reverted back to the Yosemite and it’s working again. Obviously this is something to to with Apple. Thanks!

I’ve had the same issues. I get to the “connect” screen in the setup and it hangs. The computer can see the arduino in the USB tree, but can’t communicate with it.

I’m on Beta 5 but haven’t tested it since beta 3.

Hey guys any word on whether Easel Local will work with El Capitan? The GM has been out for a week or two now and I’d really like to upgrade my laptop, but am holding out waiting for the official word from Inventables.

I would also like to know!! @Zach_Kaplan?

Our software engineering team started working on it last week. We are hoping to get it live by the time El Capitan starts shipping on Sept 30th.


@Zach-Kaplan. Sept 30th has passed. Is it fixed yet???

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Yes I believe so. Are you having an issue?

No, no problem. Just now, I am still on Yosemite - But I was awaiting the news of a fix - BEFORE upgrading to El Capitan… !

@DrunkenWoodworker and @Mike did your El Capital issues get resolved?

Yes. I was able to configure and control my X-Carve using my iMac running El Capitan.

I don’t run jobs directly through Easel (I export the G-Code and send it to a Raspberry Pi) so I can’t say anything about whether it completes jobs successfully or without problems. But for what I need, it works just fine.

Thanks again guys!

Hi all,
Yesterday I attempted my first cut using Chrone with El Capitan running. Easel was unable to acknowledge the XCarve. I unplugged the USB from the computer running El Capitan and plugged it into a laptop running Yosemite and it acknowledged it and I made the cut.
I toggled the USB cable back and forth to recreate the issue and the same thing.
Does anyone know what this issue could be? I have a note into Easel Help since Sunday nite, but haven’t heard back and am looking for a fix to get back to using my main XCarve computer.

On El Cap Safari works really well with Easel. Does it have the same issue on Safari as it does in Chrome?

@sketch42 unfortunately yes.

Make sure you’re not running something like NoScript or anything else which may prevent javascript from running in one browser or another. I’ve been running Easel in El Capitan just fine on 2 different machines (iMac and MBP) for a few weeks now.

Also, and I know Java and Javascript aren’t related, but when you install El Capitan it removes your Java runtime framework. You have to reinstall it manually. I had issues with other software not working right until I did this.

Thanks for posting. I attempted a re-install of Java for OS X and still no luck. I am in the process of trying to update my Arduino, but it’s not being seen by my Mac, so not looking good there either.

@pike_lake what version of El Cap are you running?

It is odd that the Arduino isn’t even seen by the OS. Can you try this:

  • plug in the USB from the Arduino to your Mac and power it all up
  • Holding the Option key down click on the Apple Menu and then “System Information…”
  • In the window that comes up on the left click on USB at the bottom of the “Hardware” list
  • Does the Arduino show up in the list on the right? (you may need to scroll down in the top right list if it is long)
  • maybe post a screenshot of that list and your system specs when you just click on the “Hardware” heading?

Thx @sketch42 I gave this a try. I switched ports between miscellaneous USB devices from hard drives to mice and keyboards. All showed up. Only the Arduino board does not show. I can unplug it from my mac and plug it in to the back of a mac running Yosimite it finds the Arduino.
I have decided to erase my mac and reinstall Yosemite. I’ll post an update when I see what happens.