OSU Project

Hey all;

I’m still new to X-Carve. I have less than a year working on mostly 2.5D projects. I’m trying to do something (new to me) for a project, but I’m not quite sure how to do it.

I’m trying to get the contours that are on this oSu image…

…in to my Easel project.

Could someone provide some guidance on how I can accomplish that?

Contour as in an outline to cut it out?

You are trying to get the beveled edges? You can do that with a v-bit as your finish bit pass, or if you have v-carve that’s a “prism carve” or you could do it with a chamfer pass.

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Sorry Neil, I guess I’m not explaining it properly. In the OSU (color) image, I get the impression there is a roof like peak where the light orange and dark orange meet close to the center of the lettering. What I’m trying to do is provide a smooth taper on the lettering where that center line is the peak and it tapers down to within 1/8" of the “floor”.

If you were to imagine that on my X-Carve 3D (lower) image. The top of board (lettering) is 0.00" cut and the floor is 0.375" cut. So, the taper would run from 0.00" to 0.25".

I hope that makes sense, if not, I’ll draw it up in AutoCAD 3D tomorrow.


Thank you. That’s very close. I now know the terminology. I don’t have V-Carve but, I do have Fusion 360 if that helps. The only issue I foresee is that OSU uses a specific font and Im wondering if I could hit that prism effect just right with typical prism settings.

Gotcha… Typically a “contour” is a outline or a single line toolpath. A simple go with a V-bit won’t do it here as the design is not a symmetrical, consistent angle.
Your best bet would be to model in 3D and run 3D toolpaths. I’d use Fusion. Not a trivial model, but the end result will look pretty cool.

Thanks, Neil. I appreciate your help (and also helping me with my terminology). By the sounds of it, this does require 3D toolpaths. That’s something new to me, but also something I need to tackle.

Thanks again,

No problem.
I think you’ll have to take some artistic freedom when making it 3D. You’ll get into an impossible staircase situation.

This is certainly doable in Fusion360 CAM. It’s going to be a bit more complex that something like v-carve pro (where this is a single built in operation). Fusion has very sophisticated 3D pathways, so not hard to get this effect, You will want to do a 3D roughing strategy (like 3D Adaptive) and then follow with a 3D finishing strategy (read the popups on each strategy to decide which works best for you).

I think I would just use two shades of orange and paint it as it appears.

With my current lack of experience in this area, I’ve decided to just leave the “orange” areas the natural wood and paint the background black and the edges gray to match the logo. Here’s my cutout so far, but now I’m dealing with another minor issue…my bit (z plane) seems to be out of vertical. My bits are cutting deeper on the right side.