Other spindle mounts

When will the Bosch and dealt mounts be available for purchase? I am wanting to upgrade to either one once I get my x-carve but I still don’t see them int eh store for sale. Is there an eta?

We have two of them in the configurator now.

We have a third Dewalt coming in about 3-4 weeks.

I mean for purchase outside of the configurator. i have already ordered my x-carve but i need to order the additional spindle mount but i dont see them in the store. Also what is the 3rd dewalt spindle mount? what model will it support?

This is for the Dewalt 660

This will be turned on shortly for the Bosch Colt

The one in this video is in production. It looks like the one that holds the 300W DC spindle but it holds the Dewalt 611. We hope to have it in stock in 3-4 weeks.

How about a spindle mount for the Makita 701 series? There seem to be a LOT of people using that router, and nobody making a mount specifically for it other than individual makers using HDPE or a few brave enough to try their hand at 6061.


If you’re thinking about the Makita RT-0701, a re-badged version (in black) seems to be available from MLCS at a significant savings:

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Wow, @WillAdams, where were you with this information a month ago :wink: Thats one heck of a savings!