Other user friendly software options

I’ve just about had it with easel… today the dxf import is broken. only importing 1/2 of a simple OD-ID ring I need this machine as part of my daily operations. What user friendly software is there (priced under $500) that will work with the x-carve?

Fusion 360 …

It’s free unless you make loads of money with it, but it has a little bit of a learning curve.


Brandon Parker

if it works… $500/yr is reasonable… :slight_smile: Looking at Vcarve right now…

Well, Fusion 360 definitely works!

This is VERY INTERESTING though … It seems Autodesk has updated their “hobby usage” details since the last time I saw it.

“*Individuals with “hobby businesses,” generating less than $1,000 USD in annual revenue, are exempt from the non-commercial requirement, thus for the free, personal use of Fusion 360.”

As I recall, the monetary amount used to be much much higher for free personal usage. If you are not using it to make things to sell then it is still completely free it seems.


Brandon Parker

I run V carve desktop. It is not as easy to use as Easel. My kids can design in Easel. It would be a stretch to have them use V carve.

I have better luck importing SVGs. You might look at converting your DXF to an SVG and try that.

well I tried the svg import… the shape imports correctly at least it looks right…, but instead of being 4.5" OD, it’s 7.843" OD…

How are you making the DXF?
Can you share it here?

dxf created with Autosketch… discontinued Autodesk product. It’s not the DXF… files that I have previously used to create projects that worked just fine at the time, do not import properly now… it’s Easel.

Got any example of a DXF that imports incorrectly?
Here’s an 80mm x 80mm square…does it import ok?
8080.dxf (2.2 KB)

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uploaded correctly…

try this…

4-5 X 1-063.DXF (28.0 KB)

15/16" circle?

Your DXF’s don’t have explicit units…maybe that’s the problem.

no it is and OD-ID disc. 4.5"+tool OD 1.063-tool ID
I’ve literally done this over 100x with perfect results… until Yesterday…
nothing has changed on my end.

ok try this one… this is the project file…

This is the DXF I used to create it…

ratchet 9-25 x 4 waffle.DXF (17.0 KB)

when I try to import the dxf today, the ID circle is missing…

I see the same things you’re seeing.
Sorry…I’d contact Inventables. Maybe @KacperMarcisz can help.

whatever it was, they fixed it…

Did you just keep trying or did someone get back to you?

EDIT: Nevermind…saw the other thread.

Hi @NeilFerreri1,
Since I was called out by name I want to reply and link the other thread in case someone gets here later and has no reference. Discussion is available at DXF import not working?

We have updated the dxf import app today, if you or anyone else had a problem with it lately please try again, and if problem persists reach out to us.

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The SVG importer imports asuming 150 DPI despite any other settings telling it the contrary. Sometimes you have to dink with the scaling factor by manually editing it. The shapes come out fine though.

I use MeshCam and UGS on a little laptop I got from Amazon for cheap.


I use VCarve and the new version (10.5) works really well with the XCarve. It’s a basic 2D CAD/CAM package so there is very little learning curve. I’m a professor and we use Fusion 360 in my lab at school. It’s very powerful and the price is right. However, it does take a little time to learn. It’s a solid modeling package and has all the complications that go along with that.