Ouch! This one didn't go so well

All in less than 7 minutes…

There was about 10 minutes left in the roughing carve when I left the shop. It should have just finished up carving the outside edges.

When I came back bit was broken and it had the huge gouge in the middle of the project and it was running around the outside edge as it was when I left the shop although minus the bit.

It appears the line down the center plunged deep into the project and bit broke.

I don’t see anything in the tool paths that showed this but it is pretty hard to tell with so many lines.

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Hi @DebbieLee could you PM the project URL to me please? I will take a look at the toolpaths with our engineers.



Hey Ben,

I sent it yesterday but I don’t see any messages to or from you in my history.

Did you receive it?


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If it’s the skull and snake project, then yes, we’re looking into that problem. It’s definitely a toolpath generation issue since the entire bottom layer is incorrectly being carved out.

Thanks for the report.


Thanks for the follow up, just wasn’t sure my message was received. Will wait or hear back before trying any more.

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Hi @DebbieLee,

We’re still working on a proper fix for the problem in this thread but I realized there’s a simple workaround that you may want to try in the interim. When doing a relief carve with the rectangle boundary, set the boundary padding values to be at least the size of the roughing bit width + finishing bit width. IIRC, your project used a 1/4" roughing bit and 1/8" detail bit the padding would need to be at least 3/8" on all sides of the relief. That should ensure proper toolpath generation until we can better handle cases where the relief bounds are closer to the model.


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Thanks @neilpa ,

I didn’t want to try anything else until I heard back, can’t afford to be breaking bits.

Will give it another shot now that there is a work around.

Enjoy your day!