Out for Delivery!(most of it)

So my X-Carve is out for delivery! I’m super excited! Only downside is my spindle has not shipped yet. I’m told it should ship today. Should I attempt the start of my build up until the spindle is needed or is it recommended I wait until I get all of the pieces in to finish?

Adding the spindle Is later in the process. I would go ahead and start if it were me.

That’s what I was leaning towards @LarryM. I want to get as much built before my business trip next week so I can come home and just start using it. Although, I’m not sure how long it will take for my spindle to arrive if it is shipped today.

Second on the “start building!” part of the plan. You can put the spindle on dead-last, there’s a ton you can get done first. :smile:

How can you not start building before the spindle arrives?

That is like bringing a kid to the candy store to have a look only… :grinning:

I got mine in the mail yesterday, but spindle isn’t in yet either. I started assembling mine last night and there is plenty to do before you need the spindle. Go ahead and start

Hehe, I have got my new Makita spindle in house and waiting to be mounted, but first I have to order the X-carve.
Long wait for me I guess :smirk:

Lucky you, I just got info that all but spindle and wiring kit is shipped :frowning: Might not be worth the effort with no wiring kit.

Still worth it. There’s a LOT of mechanical steps you can do before you get to the wiring!

I hate to say it but It may have to wait until I get back from Mexico to begin the build. My table isn’t quite ready either. Wish I didn’t have this stupid day job to get in the way!

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Anything special about wires ? I got spool of cat 6 wire and thermostat wire.

Use a shielded wire, I think CAT5 is a bit fine for the stepper’s current. I have used “security camera” wire from Home Depot on mine, looks like exactly the same stuff as in the wiring kit.

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I’ve made it through the setup of the Gantry before I called it quits last night. Those self-tapping screws are a pain in the but! Oh well! Onto the y axis tonight! Still waiting for my spindle to ship though.

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They are a bit! My secret sauce was some Tap Magic fluid, a good torx in my drill, and a firm, steady pressure at low RPM. They went in fine, but I sure wouldn’t have wanted to do that by hand!

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Marvel Mystery Oil works great for tapping aluminum–and it’s really inexpensive… and smells good.

Huh, I’d never even thought of that. Rather cool!

Good luck. I received my X-Carve almost a week ago and have gotten it completely assembled and working. One problem, my spindle and mount still have not shipped. I am currently printing a mount so that I can actually zero the machine but I am still stuck waiting on the spindle. Haven’t gotten any shipping info for it thus far.

Same here. I was hoping to get it up and running before the weekend. I doubt they will overnight it if shipped today.