Out of stock parts - M5 Threaded inserts

I ordered my x-carve and I’m going to make my own wasteboard. m5 inserts are out of stock. Can you buy these anywhere else?


Thanks! I just ordered them. Now, hopefully everything will arrive soon! I’ve been waiting for months for my x-carve. Finally got the money.

Happy to help.

Look forward to see you create dust like the rest of us! :smile:

Good luck, I see there from China it usually takes a month.

That’s the usual “estimated” time the merchants give. I saw a notice on one site a couple of days ago telling potential customers not to complain to ebay about long lead times when they tell you up front how long it could take.

Now, the flip side is my most recent purchase at Amazon that was from a China merchant. I placed my order on 12/04/2015. It was shipped on 12/05/2015 with an estimated delivery date of 01/19/2016. I received it today, 12/21/2015.

I had an abundance of 1/4-20 tee-nuts left over from when I repaired the spring floor for the high school gymnastics room a few years ago, so that is what I used when I made my wasteboard.

Works just fine. I recessed the flat portion of the tee nut into the back side of the board with a forstner bit and then seated the nut from the front side with a bolt and washer pulling the nut to its final place.

Using a cordless drill with a socket sped the process up dramatically.

I am looking for inserts too. I tried to buy them from XCarve but they don’t even show them as being out of stock. It’s like they don’t even sell them separately.

I’ve purchased odd screws from these guys before. https://www.albanycountyfasteners.com/Brass-thread-inserts-metric-s/927.htm

@Ebr Look on Amazon if you need them fast. I got a box next day from Amazon. More expensive, but a known quantity if you need them quickly.