Outer size on 1000mm x carve

Have ordered the 1000mm version 3 weeks ago hope it will ship soon :wink:
While I wait I will make a table for it,but do not know the outer size

What is the ideal size for a tabletop for the 1000mm version ?

Thanx for any reply on this :blush:

I made my top 4ftx4ft and there is a nice bit of extra space around the outside. But, it also depends on where you want to put your electronics.

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Hey @HelgeDokken,

Somewhere on here Zach said the exact footprint of the 1000mm kit is 1006mm square. I’m building a torsion box table for mine which is 40" (1016mm) square because the math worked out easier that way. There will be plenty of room underneath, hence the smaller table. Hope that helps.


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It’s mentioned somewhere on the forum, but I made my table 48x44. It’s just about a perfect fit, just slightly larger.

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Thank you guys then I’m all set to go :smile:

I’ve read thread after thread on this, and no one has given an accurate answer. Has anyone measured a 1000mm X-Carve’s outer dimensions? How wide is the machine (not the side table- the machine), including stepper motors and drag chain? How deep? How high? Inventables- why don’t you have simple blueprints up on the site, this is critical information for many people.

don’t forget the stepper motors hang out past the frame when they are at full swing in all directions. A 4x4 foot table is probably the minimum size u would want for a 1000 x 1000 machine even at that you will be wanting a couple feet to one side for the massive amount of other things you will be wanting to have close by when running the machine.