Outlet remotes for dust collection

Just want to pass this along

I just purchased this and have been very happy with it. It comes with 5 outlet remote switches and 2 remotes. Currently I have one hooked up to my whole house fan in the ceiling (a cheap box fan that sucks the air out of the shop into the attic space) and another to my dust collector.

when looking at dust collection remote switches, they start around $40+ for one switch. $30 for 5. haven’t found a use for the other 3 yet, but I’m sure something will turn up that can use one.

it sure beats walking back and forth :slight_smile:

Would be nice if they made it for 220v

not sure if this would work

its wireless but do they have one that is for microcontroller control?

I blew up one of those when I plugged my dust collector into it.

My DC is 1hp, so I guess I’m skating by.

Good to know though.

yeah thats what scares me my dust collector is 20 amps on start

oh course I can’t complain lol mach 3 turns my dust collector on for me when I push cycle start

but yeah a remote is handy to have


are you overseas Stephen? is that why you need the 220v?


angus what is the difference between Resistive and tungsten current rating?


yeah its werid I have never seen ratings like that

in that device do you think the tungsten is coming from the internal fuse?

Ahhh I see what you mean

Still that is weird right? I mean you don’t see those specs on hardly anything

Well in the USA anyways