Outline and fill have changed

I don’t know what has happened but it must be the update. Before I had Fill or outline on, outside of or inside of line when choosing what kind of cut I wanted to make. . My choices on cut path are now : Clear out pocket, Cut on shape path, Cut outside of path and Cut inside of path. Why the change and please explain them.

Also another question. If I bring an imported image in and it’s already combined is there a way to separate them.

The fill and outline hasn’t changed, they just made it look different.

To separate objects that are combined use the XPLODER APP in Easel.


Thanks Russell. I really hate change for change sake. So clear out pocket is the new Fill. I figured that was what it was. The other three I noted I figured that too. Just wanted confirmation. The Text, Import etc. buttons are now on the side instead of on top. I’m old and it takes me a little longer to figure things out.

You’re welcome, Yes it’s all the same, don’t forget about the XPLODER APP.
Good Luck

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