Outline and Fill

I’m a bit confused. How come sometimes I get the option to select “Outline” or “Fill” under ‘Cut’, and sometimes I don’t. I have a shape where I do get the option. I have then used that same shape again by copying and pasting into a new sheet, but now don’t get the option. Is it because whatever cut parameters I’ve got set on the first piece - .ie. "Outline " and “On Path” are ‘locked in’ to the copy ?


i Ran into this issue last week. still haven’t figured it out.

can you share the file please

It’s not letting me upload my SVG file

this is usually caused by open nodes in your design. make sure all paths are closed and see if that helps.

This was my first thought as well, but he is saying that the piece works fine and then he copies it and the new copy doesn’t work properly.

I would still check. things happen when you import, copy, etc.

I’ve had a look at the nodes, and there was a ‘floating’ one off a point that was connected to nothing. I deleted it, but it had no effect on the 'problem. It’s a very simple shape - a heart - and the copy doesn’t actually have very many nodes. Fewer than an original of the image that is fine in another workpiece in the same ‘project’ folder. As far as I can tell, assuming that I am looking at it correctly, everything is closed.

It’s not a huge problem to be fair. I can re-create multiple pieces on the same workpiece by reconstructing one that does work ok, and then copying and pasting that multiple times. It’s just a little less convenient than being able to copy an original single piece design on one workpiece to multiple pieces on an additional workpiece.

I’m very new to all this, and I’m sure that I am doing something fundamentally wrong. It’s just that sometimes it seems to be ok, and sometimes it behaves in the way described, and I can’t see what I am doing differently between cases …

Thanks everyone for the input so far

Well, I think so, but what exactly am I looking for if it’s not ?

you say it has very few nodes. I click on each node and move it one at a time. if they are closed both sides on the node will move with it, if not then the line will separate and you will see the node that was not closed.
After moving the node I click on Ctrl-Z (undo) and move on to the next node to check for the same conditions.

Hope this helps.

Okey dokey. Understood. I’ll give that a go and report back if I find anything.

All nodes selected one by one and dragged, and each pulled the line both sides with it … :confused:

wow, well that’s all I know to do. if the same design works sometimes and then sometimes not, that was the only thing I can come up with. hope you get this figured out.

Thanks anyway. I’m sure that it’s probably down to something really dumb that I’m doing, but then, that’s the nature of learning a piece of software, isn’t it ? I’m sure I’ll figure it sooner or later, and if I do before anyone else, I’ll be sure to post what it was !

I just hit this problem. My image is a bird with lots of separate lines. None are closed. It turns out that lines with only two points (the end points) are the problem. Add an extra point and you get the options. In my case, I wanted to cut on shape path for all lines. Adding an extra point doesn’t affect the shape of the line.