Outline cutting

Is it recommended that you slightly raise your piece off of the work area to plunge-cut shapes and designs? Will this assist in cutting all the way through? Thanks gang!


If you can keep it flat, that will work. Or just cut a little deeper.

If your worry is about the wasteboard, recall the first half of the word.

I kept obsessing over the so nice one from Inventables, too, and finally used brass screws to fasten a thin piece of mdf to it that I don’t mind if I cut into a bit. Don’t miss the gridlines at all.

I bought my X Carve without the waste board and made my own.
The shipping was more than it was worth.

In my opinion, it is not recommended unless you can adequately support the underside. Having your shape start to fall down can cause it to grab the bit and cause a lot of problems…ask me how I know…