Outline ordering

Option to set a preferred order for cuts - not talking about stacking say a 0 depth square inside a cut-depth circle to get a cut that’s only the difference between the two, and needing to do the ‘bring to front’…I mean if I am using up a board by defining small cut part outlines inside a big outline cut-out hole in a larger part, I want the smaller parts cut out FIRST in the tool ordering, so that there’s less risk that the Gcode sequence will start cutting them after it creates the big cutout. Doing lots of cuts inside a big already-cut loop held only by tabs risks ruining the whole piece by moving it with the bit cutting pressure, especially if I get aggressive with thin/few tabs to ease my final knife work.

Kind of a poor man’s way of guiding the GCODE sequencing, really, regardless of ‘why’. Just have something like an object ‘sequence level’ (1, 2, 3…). Multiple objects could be in the same number or you could force sequential, I don’t care.