Outrageous electric noise

1000mm machine running the Nematode 23’s and Dewalt 611. I have it set up in my basement attached to a Windows laptop. I’ve been trying to make my shop area more habitable and have found it impossible to receive clear radio reception on my component stereo receiver. Yesterday I had it playing in its full static filled wonder when I reset my Xcarve by pulling the USB out of the laptop. When I did the stereo instantly went back to blasting clear tunes! I inserted the USB and pulled it out several times to confirm the source. Now to my question: should this be happening to a stereo and antennae that are 20 feet away? Will ferrite clamps eliminate/reduce this? Will I be growing a third ear from being enveloped in this electric field?

No, no third ear, you’ll just have to get by with two. :smile:

But to the point, your stereo receiver is a very sensitive device. With the antenna only 20 feet away from the X-carve you should be getting tons of interference, almost to the point of no reception.