Outside cut with two bit cut

Quick question, how can i force the outside cut, (that will cut all the way through the material) on a two bit carve to use the 1/8 inch rough bit. Every time i use a v bit as the second bit it wants to use the v bit to cut all the way through the material for the outside cuts which adds too much time and won’t look good either. You would think easel would automatically use the first big bit to cut all the way through the material, at least on the outside cut anyway, sorry, hope this makes sense, i’m pretty new. if i knew a easy way to send a pic with this statement, i would so you can see better what i am talking about, thanks in advance.

Set the 1/8 bit to cut clear thru the material and leave tabs to hold it. Then take your profile cut and put it in another file for your vbit and set the depth to what you want then run it.

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Thanks Wayne, i thought about doing that but thought maybe there was a way to do it without a chance of misaligning stuff when doing it like you suggest. I guess if i pin everything there should be no chance of misalignment. Thanks, i will try that.

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Hey Dave, I use the duplicate workpiece method to control which bit is used where. You can see the process within easel here

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