Outside cuts while V carving

When making an outside cut with a 90 deg v bit (making a “frame”), the cut is understandably not very wide. I would like it to extend outward at that height all the way to the edge of the material, clearing everything out. Then, next cut a little lower and same thing, I want it to clear from that point outward, whether with a roughing pass or whatever.

But when I change the bit to a .25 in. upcut, for examle, it doesn’t allow the angled cuts I like for the frame that the v bit gives me.

I’m not sure I’m explaining this very well, but it’s worth a shot. I want both: roughing pass that clears out all material from outside cut outward, and detail pass that gives me a purty angle with the 90 deg bit.

You’ve got to do an offset inward for your .25 bit, otherwise it will cut into the angle cut from your VCarve. This can be done by ofseffimg the actual geometry or by adding an offset to your toolpath.

The amount of required offset will change depending on your desired pocket depth.

If this doesn’t help with your issue, let us know and I’m sure someone will be able to shed some light on the process.

Or, with your vcarve toolpaths you can select a bottom depth and select a clearancing tool (.25). This functionality is native to VCarve but does have some limitations depending on what you are trying to do.