Oval holes and random path deviation

I’ve noticed that small holes are oval instead of circular. I have done x y step calibration. It’s accurate to the mm over a distance of 500mm

I have also had issues with a random deviation of a cut path. It will randomly jet out of position. And gouge the material but then continue back on its course. Usually back in the right position.

example of the issue.

Make sure to tighten the small screws on the belt pulleys and that they lock down on the flat part of the motor shaft.

A slipping pulley can cause circles and arcs to get messed up.

I recently upgraded to 6mm gt3 belts and pulleys. Both are snug

Did you have any luck finding the solution?

I’m having the same re: oval rather than circular holes…

I did, and it seems correct.

Also the ovals are not all uniform ovals which makes me think there may be something loose or misaligned?

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Phil, thank you so much for helping me with this. I didn’t put together the machine, and now I’m worried now that there are no set screws - i found 5 instances like this on my machine - are set screws meant to be here?