Hi guys. I started to have problems with my x Carve, seems that every circle i do it turns into an oval. I doble checked the belts, the wheels, and nothing seems to be working.
This is the first time i ´ve problems with it…Any Suggestion?

Here is my Machine Settings

It might be time to recalibrate your steps/mm.

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Belt tension and V wheel adjustments as well should be checked.
What bit are you using, at what speed and doc?
What is the material?
All the above can contribute to bit deflection in hard woods. Also cross grain cut can have more deflection that with grain cuts if you are being aggressive.
As someone had said recently smaller circles will show these irregularities more than large ones.

Assuming calibration is good:

Then the only reason for a true circle to turn into an oval is difference in X-axis and Y-axis rigidity. One of them is firmer than the other.

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Replace the belts. Switch to 9 mm belts if haven’t done that already. Use genuine Gates belts. At least the belts that came with my kit (long time ago) were very prone to localized stretching. Even with the better belts the machine is a POS and your results will never be perfect.

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Ok ill give it a try but all the pulleys are 8mm, so I have to replace them too?
and by the way, What are this parts called ? Cause I want to find them here at Inventables shop but I can’t find themIMG_1746.HEIC (1.4 MB)

Yes. There is a thread or two about this here already, but you’ll need new pulleys, idlers and end clips. I bought the Gates belts and pulleys from sdp-si.com and idlers from openbuilds.com. The end clips I fabricated from mild steel.

Please don’t use HEIC file format in a public forum.