Overall maintenance

What is everyone doing beyond the normal maintenance of their xc?

Are you using any kind of belt dressing? if so what are your thoughts and brands you found work well? Is it necessary?

Is anyone using a spray on teflon for the rails? Or what have you found that keeps the rail to v wheel area working well together?

Are you or is there anything we should be doing to the stepper motors to prolong life and usability?

How often do you clean out your controllers?, EX: take top of and vacuum or alcohol the boards clean.

Are there any pre or post carve activities you do to your xc that you feel prolong the life and usefulness of your machine?

Don’t use any type of belt dressing. (just keep them clean with a blast of air)
That will only cause you more problems with dust sticking to them.
The belts need nothing.
I wipe off the rails and use a plastic dish scrubby to get the caked on dust off.
Check the V wheels for tightness and I clean the caked on dust off of them with a plastic brush from Harbor Freight, nothing else.
The only lube I use is on the Z screw and delrin nut.
I give it a little shot of Silicone spray (Teflon spray is also good) when it starts to squeak.
periodically I blow out the controller with a blast of air.
(come to think about it, I should do that again today)


Wasnt sure about the belt, this is the first belt driven router ive owned. I normally just wipe everything down after use and clean out controller once a week…


When cleaning do a complete checklist on the machine, ie. check all vwheels belts tension z axis for plumb etc. it more than just cleaning. I also clean with a soft toothbrush

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Ranch works well. I tried Bleu Cheese…WAY too chunky :smile:

In all seriousness, using the SuckIt boot keeps everything pretty clean that I don’t get a build up. In 2 years, I’ve got just a little debris on the rails but nothing that causes problems. A soft bristle brush would clean it but I’m lazy.


I keep old toothbrush handy and clean as a project being carved. Every now and then when I am doing something with compressed air, I’ll blow off dust and stuff off. But toothbrush keeps things reasonably clean. I believe in keeping small things small.