Overlap joints to cut down carve time?

Im pretty sure I’m not going to make a lot of sense so i will include some simple pictures to help convey my point. I have a carve that has a lot of individual pieces. to save on waste and carve time is there a way to let easel know I’m overlaying cuts from two different shapes so it only makes the cut once instead of once for each side. I drew up something real quick to show what i mean. I know in my example there would be a easy way to do it by making a box with a + in it instead of four separate parts but in my project its complex curves where that wouldn’t be a option.

That’s a good, laser trick. If this could be supported, it would help a lot.

Yea it’s actually a laser project I’m converting. I can do one continuous path with the laser would really speed things up on the x carve.

Yea but if done right two side of two separate objects can share a tab. If its not currently possible peharps as a new feature. I know they already have programs to nest objects and layout boards maybe it wouldn’t be hard for a programmer to make. The puzzle generator app looks like it already does this.

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When I used the puzzle generator in Easel it “cut” the lines between two pieces twice, i.e. wasted a lot of time.

I just realized that you can do this in Inkscape and then import it into Easel.


Oh, it’s just manual edits. Big pain! :wink: