Overlapped vectors

I am trying to build a simple grid… think excel spreadsheet. Some cells would be of different sizes though.
Currently using a rectangle with cut outside line selected. Building each rectangle is done using the replicator. Outputting the grbl to candle for carving.

The grbl file is sending commands to all 4 sides of each rectangle, however after the 1st one each rectangle only has 3 or sometimes even 2 or 1 sides. Is there anyway to have these overlapped areas removed from the tool path once they are cut out?

I have used separate work pieces with lines rather than rectangles but its tedious, this project file may be used by others and I want to be able to edit them easily, add and substract cells and change text without editing a bunch of stuff for the average user.
Am I missing a setting somewhere? They are all the same depth, seems pointless to run over them again and again.

Edited to add code and picture

Lamacoids (4).nc (123.4 KB)

You can combine the shapes that form the outline of each cell.

Also, if you would like help with the Easel project and doing this you would need to share the actual Easel project. Doing so will not provide access to your file, but will provide a copy to those wishing to open it.

  1. Simply go to: Project>Share
  2. Select “Unlisted”
  3. Copy the URL
  4. Close the window
  5. Paste the URL to a post here


Brandon Parker

Here’s another option as well

Here is the Share: Easel - Lamacoids

Combining doesn’t work exactly as planned because it actually inserts space between the vectors and still cuts them as two separate rectangles.

Starting to think there might not be an option for this.

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Outline shapes do not always combine as one might expect. Here is an example of what I might do. I would probably make the shapes with as zero-depth pockets and then place a rectangle large enough to allow the bit to cut around the shapes. Note that there are no tabs, so I would use the tape & super-glue method to hold the pieces during the carve. Or, you could just add some tabs manually using short rectangles at where required (depth = stock thickness - desired thickness of tab).


Brandon Parker

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