Overlapping Images

Fairly new to CNC… I’m trying to put two images together and cut around the entire image but cannot figure out how to only cut it. The image in the back is still showing cuts through the image on the front. Hope this sounds right… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you share the project so that we can get a better idea of what you are after?


Brandon Parker

Are you looking to have this image carved with the cutout of this image?

I would like to make the smaller image bigger and cut out around the whole thing.

Are you wanting the small one the same size as the big one?

@JetRobinson Take a look at this. The inter image is larger and I have placed the outline of the object. Please let me know

Thanks! How did you do that though? I’m working a a few things were the inter image will be slightly larger and overlap the bigger image. (Instead of a inter Fluer, it would be a letter for a last name)…

@JetRobinson. Create the image that you want and copy it to another workpiece and combine. The shape will be completely solid. Using the Offsetter app create the cutout. Delete the combined object. You will be left with just the cutout. Take your original design and copy it into the cutout.

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