Oversize carve

I have only been using my X-CARVE for a couple of months now. This will be the first time using the tile feature in Easel. My project is 29 x 50 it is a 2 stage carve. I have watched Paw Paws videos on it and some others. But if there are any tips that can help me get a perfect carve will be greatly appreciated.

Put a straight edge along your Y axis, I typically run the xcarve along it with a straight bit to make sure the Y is parallel with the straight edge. This way when you move your board to the new position you are keeping it in a straight line


100% what Steve said!

One additional trick that I like to do is to use a v bit to mark on that edge guide the 0 point and the distance of the tile and then transfer that tile mark over to the workpiece with a piece of tape, then when it comes time to slide the workpiece no measuring is needed.

The reason I do this is that very often the cnc movement is not perfect to the tape measurement and when you move the tile if its off a tiny bit and there was an element to carve that is split in 2, that part will end up showing this difference & carve a little messed up.

I did a 13 foot sign a couple of times.
I set up a dot for a zero point along the y axis for each move.
Each move had the old zero point and the new zero point.
So, the process was:
Start at zero point,
( which would include the next zero point)
Relocate new zero point
Carve again
One of the hardest parts was supporting the work ten feet out on either side.
Not so much the weight, as trying to find a 26 foot clearance end to end in my small shop!


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