Ox CNC, Shapeoko, X-Carve For sale

Selling a DIY CNC Machine + Laser 1250mmx1250mm = Ox CNC, Shapeoko, X-Carve

Where do I start with this … It kills me to part with it …
I painstakingly built this machine with the OX CNC … but with a modified Y axis.
This is a large machine, 1250x1250x50mm cutting area, perfect for cutting wood sheets or other such lower profile things. So you can not but recomend this for harder metals unless you go slowly due to the loss on a machine this size.
I have used it in a few months, and even before that.
The original design was a fixed size X axis that can be moved to a smaller size (or larger) Y Axis. It can also be removed from the machine and stored with the Y Axis being upright.
As all the electronics and control are on the X axis. This system works perfectly in this config!
1500x1500mm section for the Y Axis, giving me a 3000x1500mm surface to cut full sheets of wood. Unfortunately the space I had no longer available
3 hours, and laser for approx. 4 hours - that’s all - less than 10 hours of work on this machine :frowning:
The machine cost me over $3,000 to build many many hours of working out a design that would fit my aim.
This is a buy and go system, you even get some endmills with it. There is one part that is currently in progress.
Location: Michigan
Price: $2000 + delivery

Let me know if you have any question!

Can you please post a picture of it?


I guess I should get into the specs …

Please note: Where possible, I would buy the parts from the best possible supplier within cost and reason.
4 x 23HS45-4204S Nema 23 425oz with 1.8 deg step angle, 4.2A Stepper Motors
4 x M542T Stepper Motor Drivers (1.5A-4.5A 24-50VDC)
1 x Kress 1050 FME-1 spindle
1 x OptLaser PLH3D-6W 6w Diode Laser with magnetic removable mount and accesories
1 x 48v 600w PSU
1 x 12v 150w PSU
All wires running on the limit switches are shielded cables by IGUS designed for motion systems
The whole system is controlled by a Linux CNC machine built on:
ASRock Q1900B-ITX motherboard (super low latency for Linux CNC)
picoPSU 150 XT 150W 12V DC / DC ATX PSU Power Supply
4GB SAMSUNG PC3-10600 1333Mhz Memory
Toshiba SATA 8GB storage

Is this CNC Mill still available?

I wanted to know if the CNC is still available and what the current price is?