Paddle for Humanity Trophies

Rush job. My “client” is painting (and scraping the rest of the saw dust out of the grooves). I get a bottle of booze and someone to water my plants while I am on vacation and some free wood.




I see U are using a Hitachi router. Where did U get the mounting bracket and how is the machine holding up to the weight of the router? Are U using any speed control?

Keep up the great work.

Can you tell us what software and bits you used?

Here is the link to the build: Hitachi 12vc is AWESOME!

Cuts like a dream. I also modded the machine for stiffness. Here is that original thread where I posted pics of the mods. Read to the bottom and you will see that @CharleyThomas Did a better write-up. It is now referred to as Charley’s mod.

V-Carve Pro. 60 degree v bit for letters and 1/4" compression spiral for cutouts. The bases were cut on the chop saw.

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You have set the bar high my friend. Very Very nice job indeed!

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Update - trophies painted and finished.

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