Paddle Maze

I have the week off so I am working through my list of projects that I thought would be fun to try.

Here is a paddle maze game cut from a 10’x6’x.75’ piece of popular, used a .125 downcut endmill at 60 ipm and a .7 .07 inch DOC with the Dewalt set to a speed of 2


That’s nice, do you use a small ball bearing or something for it? I’ve been thinking about making a “labyrinth” game, would be interested to see what you use and where you get it.

.7 inches DOC? That’s crazy deep, glad to see how well it worked though!

Woops, sorry that should be .07 inch DOC. The cuts are only .25 inch deep

I have been using a BB for the ball. It is a little small, but it works fine.

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Make the ball on the X-Carve, that would be impressive. :slight_smile: :wink:


@AllenMassey: Where did you get the pattern for your maze? I can generate a similar maze at but I don’t see a way to do a pocket like you did.

Just place a circle around the maze design and then when you select all you will get the pockets.

I did that and I just tried again. There’s an outer circle around the pattern already. When I try a pocket, I get an error about open vectors. Here’s the pdf I downloaded with the pattern:
20 cells diameter theta maze.pdf (9.5 KB)

I looked at the Theta Maze PDF and it is a mess of open and duplicate vectors. I would take some time to clean it up.

Here is the Vcarve project I created.

Circle Maze.crv (2.2 MB)

In your file, it appears you did a bmp trace. Is that correct?

Yes, I found a maze pattern I liked, converted it to vectors and modified it a bit to use the full circle. Then scaled it to fit my material.


Actually the one I sent you need to be scaled up about 12 percent, otherwise the channels are too narrow for a BB

Thanks, Allen. I’m trying some different things to get a cleaner conversion from the files I generated online and downloaded. I used Inkscape to convert the svg to eps so I get a clean appearance in VCarve. The issue with that is the line width turns out to be less than 1/16" - not enough to suit me.