Paint over Spar Urethane?

I tried searching here and Google but didn’t get a clear answer.

Here is what happened. I made a sign for a customer that was going to be used outdoors. She didn’t want it painted just stained and sealed. So I ended up going with 3 coats of outdoor spar urethane.

Once she got it hung up she wants to have the vcarved letters painted so its visable from a farther distance.

So the question is, can I just paint over the spar urethane and then add another coat after I paint?

@PhilJohnson Do you know if this will work like your shellac method?

You can. Whether it lasts for years may not be your problem later on…:sunglasses:

I would suggest scuffing the surface you wish to paint over with at least 220-150 grit and using a solvent based enamel like 1 Shot if it will be outdoors.

Thanks everyone, I’ll give it a shot. It’s been dry for a week now so hoping for the best.