Paint suitable for corian

I have been experimenting with making house signs using corian. The results have been very good indeed.
My questions are:

  • What would be a good paint to fill the letters so that they stand out more?
  • Should I seal with clearcoat before painting?
  • Would filling with coloured epoxy work?

Many thanks


How but getting corian in color then you don’t have to paint it.

I used regular acrylic paint on a bunch of signs like this, but they have been for indoor use only.


The Corian is dark stone look and I want white letters. I dont want the whole sign a different colour otherwise I would have used material of the required colour. It is only the engraved letters that I want to paint.

Thanks, that is exactly what I’m after but I wonder if acrylic paint will withstand being exposed to weather conditions. Do you think I could I use clear coat over the top of everything?

I would assume that a clear epoxy coat would do the trick. Make sure to use a marine grade epoxy or one with UV blockers.


You could use Corian glue/adhesive. This is used for joining two pieces of corian with a basically invisible join after sanding, and as such is available in any colour that Corian is.

It isn’t particularly easy to get hold of (at least for me in the UK) especially in smaller quantities, but I’ve had some luck on eBay.

This bonds very well to the Corian (as you would expect), and can be sanded

you started with white background then how did you colored the the greetings and santa w/o staining the white background.

After I carved the Santa and text, I just dabbed the paint into the cut areas…I was not very careful…after the paint dried I took some 400 grit sandpaper and removed the excess. The paint on the surface came off after a second or two of sanding.

I have had some luck with the acrylic paints. We did discover that water based paint will wash off quickly. The oil based paints seem to be better.

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Does Corian pretty much behave like glass when dropped?

I don’t think corian is as fragile as glass. It may chip if dropped but it is basically like acrylic

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Corian as it is sandable, I would try clear epoxy mixed with the color paint to fill the letters