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I did a search, and didn’t find anything specific to my question.

Anyhow, I carved out a sign for a friend. He wants it in two colors, orange and white. The engraved portions are to be orange, and that’s easily enough done. But for the surface/raised areas, he wants those in white. I just sat at my bench for 20 minutes with a craft brush, painting white on all the raised areas.

Is there a better/faster/neater way to do this that anyone can share? Or am I looking at hand brushing every project like this in the future?

There are a lot of information on this topic. That said I usually paint either spray or brush all engraved areas after sealing the wood. Once dry I sand the entire surface and paint the surface area usually two coats then spray with clear gloss. Look at paw paw workshop for my projects. Most are multiple colors

I’ll definitely check out your page/site. I did spray paint the engraved areas, I was just wondering if there was a better way to paint the non-engraved surface area than to use a craft brush and a steady hand.

I’m still new to the forum, and I’m probably not searching the right keywords or phrases. I’ll get better.

Thanks for the advice!

Use the largest brush possible for the large area then switch to a small brush to do the edge near the recess color

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Great idea but still have to paint in the engraved area

Yeah, thats my issue. Heres my project.

Phil Has some good tips on this.
Look at his tips thread.