Paisley Tele project

@RobertCanning, thank you so much for your help with all of my projects, this one is by far favorite yet. And that goes for everyone here, everybody has excellent support and suggestions.
So the body is yet another flame maple top with a cherry back, standard Tele routing except for the controls which I will be routing from the back. I plan to use a purple stain with maybe a burst around the edges.


Destroyed your Thinline? Sounds like something I would do…

Yeah I figured (pun intended) the purple will be my tribute to Prince.

I was tempted to put an epic image of him, but then I thought I would keep it simple and let the purple paisley do the talking

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Is that all Vcarve, Fengrave or laser?

2.8w jtech laser. I love my laser


I do need to finish this by Friday , maybe if I didn’t have to work… hmmmm

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Making a little progress


Holy moly, this is incredible

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I reeeealy wish someone would share a good ptoject file for a strat I don’t know enough about guitar building to do it myself , I’ve found some random 3D files online but I’m not sure if the holes and neck slot are all correct…

I wanted to do something a little different on the edge to kinda frame the top. No binding, just something other than a stock Tele.Bought some purple dye today, can’t wait to get some color on that little darlin!

I haven’t done a Strat yet, that’s next. You probably want to get familiar with 2 sided carving and using locate pins because you will need to use locate pins for sure. Strat’s and Tele’s have the same neck hole alignment, as long as you use the specs from a standard Strat, the neck holes should be the same. The neck pocket is pretty standard 2 3/16" wide x by 3’’ x 5/8" deep. There is a slight taper so if you want a really tight fit, you should use the Strat drawing to refer to with your 3D models.

Yea I’ve done a little bit of 2 sided stuff , I just want to make a body for a friend and I want it to be right when I hand it over .

Awesome !

A little purple added…I might do a little light sanding, I think it might bring the figure forward a bit and stand out more. Love the color and the contrast with the paisley!.


I cleaned up the the center and went a little heavier around the edges this morning. The flame is starting to pop out. I was sanding and wiping and thought about hitting it with some shellac and painting the paisley gold top gold…


I hear ya, since my bodies are rear routed, I have to finish up the depth in the control cavity by hand. Pain in the ■■■ but worth it.

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Wow it looks great! What product are you using for the purple color?