Panel Clamps - 30199-01 what are they used for

while looking for more things to spend money on (happily), i noticed the rubberized “Panel Clamps”, i’m sure my age is showing, but for the life of me i could not find pictures or descriptions on how/why they’re used!!!?!?
i’m sure someone knows. i have an older X-Carve 500mm. maybe they’re not used on them?

Russ from Coral Springs, Fl.

I believe that those are used to insert a thin panel i.e. a piece of MDF into an extrusion slot.


or plexiglass, perhaps. thanks, Rusty. I’m surprised over the fact that it’s being sold, that there isn’t a better description on it and it’s uses. i’ve been (for a long time) mulling over the building of a sound reducing case for the 500mm x-carve, this may be an option.


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