Parameters for dimensions

I should start by saying I really appreciate all that Inventables has done to keep innovating with Easel. Nice work!

It would be super convenient if it were possible to have named parameters to define numeric values for a given model and associated material/cut settings to drive aspects of the Easel design using those parameters. I’m of course, inspired by the ability in Fusion 360 to create model parameters, which is nothing more than a named parameter with a corresponding value, units and comment. Many of my projects in Easel require designing intricate parts in 2D that need to be cut out and later assembled in 3D. Depending on the exact thickness of the material being milled and the precision of the given xcarve machine, it is typical for me to iterate on my Easel design in order to get pieces to fit together just right.

I’d like a way that I can create a list of arbitrary model parameters, then apply those parameter variables in place of a number for position (x and y), size (width and height), angle, cut depth, material thickness, bit diameter, etc.). Essentially allowing me to specify a parameter name in place of an explicit number in the Easel interface. Maybe there are other places these parameters could be used as well.

In Fusion 360, constraints are used to control how changes to variables effect the model, so no unintended consequences happen to the design if parameters are changed. I’m not asking for a fully parametric model in Easel and I’d be fine if there were no constraints and only existing basic constraints like the ability to set the position of xy in the Shape panel in Easel.

I hope this makes sense and would be curious if others would find this helpful as well in the Easel or Easel Pro environment.

Thanks for considering!