Parametric Art

90% of the X-Carve was delivered Friday! Unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to get hands-on with any of it this weekend. Below is a preview of the first project I hope to produce with my X-Carve. Design was made with Inventor and images were rendered in Blender. I can’t take credit for the renders as a person that I taught Inventor to did them for me. He’s agreed to teach me how to use Blender myself though. Pretty excited about future render solutions. Can’t get over the detail!


HAHAHA! Its just art. Not modeled after anything. In fact, I used freeform tools within Inventor. Its just an oddly-shaped solid body that spoke to me.

I was really curious to know how art projects would be perceived within this forum. HAHA! :wink:

@PhilJohnson, the 3D model was exported from Inventor as an .obj file, imported and rendered-out in a program called Blender. Blender is an open-source surface modeling/animation program. If you know your way around any 3D parametric programs, I’ve heard that learning Blender is very straight-forward.

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It could absolutely be a shelf. Kind of where this idea stemmed from. Where form meets function. :wink: That’s what its all about for me.

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I ultimately wanted to show how powerful Blender could be. I hope to have a website up and running soon and wanted to utilize the benefits of rendering products. This enables the option of having a drop-shipped business model rather than physically produce products, hold an inventory, and hope that stuff sells.

I had the privilege of attending Autodesk University in Las Vegas through work. While there, I sat in on a class presented by the folks at IKEA. The remarkable thing about IKEA is almost all of their product catalog (both web and print) is comprised of all 3D renders. Next time you have a chance to look through a catalog of theirs remember this. Granted they were using Maya and Max, Blender can do all the same things and its free.

Love it! Definitely welcome the fine art. Things don’t always need to have an applied art use although this could definitely be useful for storage. Keep it up!

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Ikea meets Dali :wink:

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I haven’t tried it yet, but Autodesk recently came out with Slicer for Fusion which is supposed to make things like that easy. I’ll try it sooner or later.

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@StevePrior, exactly. This was created with Autodesk’s 123D Make, which is Slicer’s older, stand-alone sibling.

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Ok, jokes on me … I read the title as PARAMEDIC art, so I figured this was a thread full of bad things that happen when CNC’s and hands are involved. HAHA