Pardon silly questions from a rookie please

So I have ordered my X Carve and I am looking to do some simple designs and signs, of which I have great confidence in having the ability to do. However, There is a project I would like to try and was wondering if anyone else has done this or something similar and how the set up would need to be. I want to carve names on the handles of tools like Sledge hammers and axes. What my mind is struggling to figure out is, how do you set up for that so that the name is centered and cut relatively uniform across a slightly curved surface. At the moment I am thinking of making a jig that the handle would sit in so that the set up would be almost exactly the same every time, with the X/Y point starting on the jig somewhere rather than trying to guess where to set it on the handle itself. Since the work area is not uniform, I am not certain where to start… Any ideas? And thanks again for suffering my rookie questions! My machine should be here in a couple of weeks!!!

Hello and welcome Mike,

Most of the projects used with Easel is for linear carving across a flat plane. Easel is not setup to do this. Estlcam can be used to accomplish what you are asking. Similarly, Scotchworks G-Code Ripper might also be used.

Estlcam: CNC surface scanning

GCode Ripper: Auto Probing with G-Code Ripper

NOTE: there is a cost for Estlcam while G-Code Ripper is free to use. I haven’t tried either, but this is probably the direction you want to look. And, I’m not sure the g-code processed by G-Code Ripper is compatible with GRBL.

Good luck with your project.

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I believe there is a similar app/widget in development for CNCJs.
I am anxiously awaiting it’s release for V carving on non-flat surfaces.

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Thanks for the help! I was thinking of milling a surface flat first, then milling the name. So, create a rectangle just larger than the name and cut to a depth and then the name cuts to the same depth, creating the letters raised to the original surface, but the carve will be deeper than the lowest point of any letter giving it almost a wrap around look. Am I envisioning this right? I dunno. I will give it a try though and post my trial and error episodes! I think the jig idea would work, allowing a quick set up every time with a set X/Y start point located on the jig that would guarantee a repeatable carve. Machine cannot get here fast enough to keep up with my ideas!!! LOL

Certainly. I took some tree rounds and milled them flat for a 3D carve. Worked well. The tree rounds were cut with a chain saw. The person I got them from didn’t intend for them to be flat, just round :slight_smile:

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I personally use Fusion 360 for this kind of work. Model the handle of the object (approximately) and then use F360 to generate the g-code to get accurate depth across the surface. Or, you could design the entire handle in fusion 360 and then it would be super easy to engrave during the two-sided operation.

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