"Park" location

Is there a way to set a park location for my XCarve? When A carve is finished it returns to the 0,0,? location. This is usually right over my work. I have to then hit “Carve” again to get the controls back so I can move it to a new location away from my work. Is there a way to set Easel to move the carriage to the upper left or right corner after a cut?

Not in easel

Yes and no.

Automatically? No.

With a simple console command? Yes you can get a G28 or a G30 command and enter that. There’s numerous threads on here about that.

One can omit this step by simply using “Use last home” provided the machine haven’t been powered down/reset.
G28 or G30, the machine will not alter machine position or work zero which can be re-used.

Typical workflow would be:
1 - Perform a homing cycle
2 - Establish work zero and make work position 0,0,0 (you can check in Machine Inspector)
3 - Jog to intended park position
4 - Issue the G28.1 command
5 - Hit Carve and use “Use last home”
6 - Once carve is omplete issue the G28 command and the bit will move (in one single move) from that point to park position

You are correct. The way his question is phased it appeared that he did not want to hit carve again and move manually. It the automatically moving part you can’t do in easel

Never said it was. I said one can park anywhere but work zero will not be lost.
Starting a carve over again one can use “Use last home” (in Easel) and it will move away from parking spot to its X/Y zero and Z safety height before starting the carve.

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