Part number changes?

Hi All,

Trying to work out what I need to put my machine together - trying to upgrade from the old small one to the latest 1000mm spec. My problem is that part numbers in the instructions don’t always match part numbers in the store. For instance, <30331-13 Drag Chain 18x25 21 Links w/ Custom Ends 2> does not appear anywhere in the store, nor does <25312-23 Aluminum Spacer 5.1mm ID 9.5mm OD 9.5mm LG 8>. How do I know what parts to order?



I looked at the assembly page, it shows the part numbers. I did however have to contact inventables about the drag chain set up.

The assembly page shows the part numbers, but in these two cases at least, the parts are not in the store under those numbers. And in the case of the spacers, the size of the parts in the store does not match up to the size listed in the assembly instructions

Some machine components aren’t sold individually. That’s why you don’t see them.

So I can’t put this thing together? That would be ridiculous.

That’s the one I was looking at, but wasn’t sure about the difference in length

I too complained about the part numbers not matching. I was told that kit part numbers are different because they are sold as ‘kits’ and are packaged together in lots. Individual components are sold separately. Stupid if you ask me because when building and needing more parts, I jumped over to their parts store and couldn’t find the pieces I needed. Over several months people have complained about this sort of thing; instructions being incorrect or unclear, parts not matching, parts not listed at all. Nothing on their web site ever changes. It’s like someone is asleep at the wheel.