Part of Design not Rendering/Carving

In the above design, the delta symbol is not rendering in the detailed preview and not carving in the simulation. Can Easel just not handle symbols as text even if the path is displaying correctly in the design window?

I could be wrong but i think your problem is you have it in a pocket and after the pocket is cut there is not enough left for the other detail. Maybe set the other detail to be carved deeper and i think it will work.

Sorry, I should have linked to a standalone file. The project I’m referring to is the first one without the pocket. The one in the pocket is rendering and cutting correctly.

It seems like Easel just does not like symbols in text for whatever reason.

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Something might be wrong with that triangle piece image, I saved the file and imported into CorelDraw and was not able to see the triangle. I also Imported it into Adobe Illustrator and the triangle was not there.
The triangle on the last page is not the same image, I copied the last page triangle and pasted it to the first page and it works

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Fixing Your Project: the raw video step by step with multiple options on getting from A-B

The Updated Easel Prject:

EDIT: only now read this:

I guess you had already sorted it :man_facepalming:… Yes, it sometimes depends on the Font too. Someone was doing # and the font they had didn’t like it, so by selecting a different font it worked fine… not sure if this transfers over to symbols too :man_shrugging: