Parts for CARVEY

Why is it so difficult to get in touch with Inventables when I need parts for a broken CARVEY.
Customer services sucks at this Company.!!!

I think most would disagree. Did you call?
What broke?

I guess everyone’s experience is different. I’ve dealt with Inventables support a couple of times with my Carvey. It was actually the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. They even contacted me afterward to make sure all was in order.

Hi @HaroldGinsberg - Our Customer Success team will be responding to the message you sent them at the end of the day yesterday as soon as they can today!

We strive to get back to our customers in one business day when you email in. Our team is available Monday-Friday from 9-5 CST. You’re also more than welcome to give them a call! 312-775-7009