Parts for sale

I have some parts for sale off of my old x-carve. The parts I have are listed below:

  • SOLDTBD CNC Supergrade Direct Drive Z axis with 269 oz/in stepper motor: $200 obo Barely Used

  • SOLD-TBD CNC Ultimate Upgrade Kit (4 risers, 8 stiffeners) Powdercoated Blue: $75 obo for all. (Powdercoat damaged a little from bumps and scrapes.)

  • SOLD-Dewalt 611 router (used but works perfectly and includes new brushes for future use when needed): $75 obo

  • SOLD-X-controller (used but works perfectly fine): $175 obo

  • SOLD-3 Stepper motors from the stock X&Y rails (used but work great): $75 obo for all 3.

  • Triquetra zero touch plate: $50 obo

Just trying to get rid of the rest of what I have left from my old x-carve and get some money back from it. I am located in Alabama, but can ship any of this stuff since none of it is very big/too heavy. If you have any interest or need pictures or anything you can reply here or email me at


I’ll take the X-Controller for $175.00, Shipped? :grimacing: I’m in Louisiana
Do you take Pay-Pal?


Yes I have PayPal, it will be Tuesday when I can send it off since tomorrow is a holiday. Do you need any of the wiring or just the controller with the power cord?

Just the controller with the power cord, Tuesday will be great. Send Pay-Pal info to 985-290-0572 or
Thank You

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Ok I will text you my PayPal info in one min. Thanks!

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