Parts in shapeoko upgrade kit

So I ordered my upgrade kit with some extras.

I’ve seen posts asking this before with no straight answer but now i know some people have gotten their kits so maybe some can finally answer this.

I’m looking for an itemized list of what comes in the basic “shapeoko 2 upgrade to x-carve” kit. I’m hoping it will include V-wheels and such but doubt it.

Paul, I didn’t write down a list of parts to the upgrade kit when I got mine but it included everything you needed to upgrade the Shapeoko 2 to the X-Carve. It uses the V-Wheels from the Shapeoko 2. I’m sure you could email and ask for a list. I did document my upgrade which you can find here: I hope this helps.

I actually watched your youtube video right after i posted this. Thank you for that. I’m going to upgrade just one access like you did for now as well, I think it will be easy to upgrade the Y instead of the X, though.

Here’s a link to the video. Nice job @MikeMerzke

Yeah I saw that just after I posted this. Good to know, I have already started to tear mine down to the nuts and bolts.