Parts missing and no answer from customer service

Does anyone know how to get in touch with someone from customer service?
After waiting more than three weeks to get the machine, i finally got it on tuesday. I was so excited because I wanted to start using it right away. I began putting pieces together, but when i got to the core components, there were some brackets missing. I already sent two emails and made a call, but there is a recording saying that cs is not answering. Help anyone? I’m eager to start!!!

If you called them today they are closed on the weekend.

The hours are 8-5 CST Mon-Fri

No, I called on Wednesday.

I called Wednesday morning, I’m in California so I think it was the right time.

Thats odd they ussually amswer calls thru the week and help with what they can. Sure you had the right number.

I called the number on the contact us page. Two weeks after I ordered the machine, I sent an email asking how much longer it would take for the machine to arrive, and I got a reply the following day. This time I sent two emails and I haven’t heard back.

Not sure what is going on they are generally very good at answering questions.

That’s what I thought.
I started putting the pieces together but had to stop because there were a couple of brackets missing.
I hope they answer soon.

Hopefully Monday you will hear something from them.

Out of curiosity, which brackets are missing?

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drag chain brackets

Hi @ClarissaPerez! I checked in with our Customer Success team and it looks like they emailed you back a couple of times last week to your hotmail address. Send me a DM if you didn’t get those for some reason to make sure we’ve got the correct email address.

Thank you!

If they sent the emails in the last couple of days, I probably didn’t get them because my account was hacked or something happened and I have been getting thousands of spam emails non stop. Please send future emails to, this is safer.