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Parts of drawing missing

I have typed a script to carve and inlay, however, parts of the script are missing no matter how I pan or view it and running the simulation shows me it will only carve the fragments I can see. (It’s set to carve out a pocket by the way) As I make changes to cut path i.e inside path/ on path etc and return to clear out path it briefly appears whole the parts disappear again?? Anyone tell me what I am doing wrong please?
Thanks for any help you can give

The bit size that you have selected is larger than what can fit in the areas that are not showing up, so Easel is not displaying them as being carved out.

You will either need to change the design, use a bit that is small enough to get into all of those spaces, or use a V-Bit.

Check out my post linked to below to see how to show only the unmilled portions of your design.


Brandon Parker

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Thank you Brandon that’s brilliant! I just halved the bit diameter and there it was!! I’m very grateful for your assistance.:+1:t3::blush: